Founding Objective

NPO Kita-Kinki Mirai aspires to link people together and create a better future for the Kita-Kinki (northern Kinki) region.
We look forward to having you join us in our endeavors!

Declaration of Foundation

Mountains, rivers, and oceans – behind these unchanging natural features are the operations of farming and fishing villages that have been continued since times of antiquity. Such places are treasure houses of food, culture, and industry that together have formed a long tradition. Diminishing amid rapid economic growth and concentration in metropolitan cities, nature and tradition have at long last begun to draw the attention that they deserve.
People long to slip out of their everyday routines and seek out extraordinary experiences, and there is a growing interest in eco-friendliness, health, and tourism. We must take advantage of such trends and further accelerate the flow of people who visit farming and fishing villages, interact with those who live there, and benefit their local economies.
Decentralization of government cannot be considered complete if local governments are merely competing amongst themselves. Rather, what is needed is a global perspective, i.e., municipal, prefectural, and national governments all coming together for international exchange. In pursuit of this, local residents need to offer a great variety of tourist attractions, which should include events for exchange with local communities and “community resident-led tourism” in farming and fishing villages, as they connect both vertically and horizontally a wide range of community assets that are dispersed over a wide area.
In flexibly pursuing our endeavors, we would like to be joined by all private and public organizations and residents of prefectures in the Kita-Kinki region that have a strong attachment to the region, always think positively, and share our aspirations.
After all, whether or not local economies can be revitalized ultimately boils down to the availability of human resources.
We sincerely hope that you will support our objective, and we look forward to having you join us.