Our Projects

We at NPO Kita-Kinki Mirai wish to provide a platform whereby regional leaders can join hands to shape the region’s future according to their mutual aspirations.
With everyone’s cooperation, we hope to promote “community resident-led tourism”  in the Kita-Kinki region and revitalize the regional economy through the six projects listed below and programs related to them.


(Planing and Operation of local Resident-Led/Overnight Domestic Tourism)

We will create a network of regional resources across the Kita-kinki region, which extends from the beaches of Tango and Sanin Kaigan to the satoyama natural woodlands of Tamba and Tajima. Our goal is to apply new viewpoints and perspectives to planning and proposals for tourism, which will then be incorporated into package tours by travel agencies etc.



We will compile a list of the regional resources of Kita-Kinki and communicate such information in an appealing manner via various methods, such as books and maps. We will also enhance relations with the media to increase the region’s brand power.



We will plan and operate events that stimulate and inspire the development of tourism resources, such as symposia that help to link regional leaders in Kita-Kinki and facilitate the exchange of information.


地域の暮らしと伝統、ー財を発信し交流を通じて地域振興に汗する人に光を当てます。 そして、特産品やイベントの開発を通じて,地域の経済に資する活動を応援します。

By communicating local lifestyle, traditions, and treasures to the world and promoting exchange programs, we will shine the spotlight on those who dedicate themselves to regional development. We will also support those activities that contribute to the regional economy by developing local specialities and events.



By providing children with opportunities to experience tourism in Kita-Kinki, we will assist their sound growth and at the same time develop ambitious human resources within the area who will go on to carve out the future.



On the national, prefactural, and municipal level, we will to open up the future of Kita-Kinki, thereby revitalizing regional activities to lay the foundations for a future where the local people can shine.